Darvall 5-station Manifold for Imaging

  • Single vaporizer supplies fresh gas evenly for up to five animals

  • Delivers anesthesia for up to five ZDS Qube masks simultaneously

  • Designed for use in fluorescence and other imaging machines

  • Zero Dead Space, unidirectional flow, non-rebreathing

  • Economical low flow: 200ml/kg/min per animal


  • 5-station manifold: 1.86kg (4 lbs); 30mm (1.2")W x 50mm (2.0")H x 220mm (8.7")L

  • Fresh gas tube: Silicon 1M (3') L X 6mm (1/4") ID with 15mm (5/8") adapter

  • Exhalation waste anesthetic gas (WAG) tube, smooth-wall: 1.5M (4'6") L X 12mm (1/2") ID 

  • Waste gas hose adapter

  • Autoclavable

  • Accommodates fluorescence imaging warm air heating system

  • Storage container

  • Outlet plugs supplied to seal unused mask stations

  • Black ZDS Qube Imaging masks, sold separately (#8418 , #8419, #8417

  • Can be used with any other ZDS Qube masks for non-imaging anesthesia, sold separately



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