Darvall ZDS Qubes bring new solutions to the longstanding anesthesia problems encountered by zoo veterinarians, academics, researchers, and pocket-pet practitioners.

  • Eliminate waste gas pollution
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce morbidity / mortality
  • Maintain predictable anesthesia

Dgm ZDS Qube Standard Part 8436






Features & Benefits:

  • Lo-flo Zero Dead Space (ZDS) design – enhances response to changes in anesthesia, allows for fast & predictable anesthesia, and efficient gas flow
  • Sealed mask system – saves money with up to 80% decrease in anesthetic and oxygen consumption and reduced waste gas volume
  • Solid, heavy cube design – secure and stable for improved patient positioning
  • Complete range of models, masks and diaphragms available – accommodates puppies and kittens, and a most pocket pets
  • ZDS Qube breathing masks and diaphragms sold separately
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