Shown here mounted on a Darvall Stinger anesthesia gas machine. Stingray absorber shown with 200ml soda lime canister for smaller animals.  800ml soda lime canister for larger animals is also included.  

Optional circle system CO2 absorber for any model Stinger anesthetic gas machine.  Also can be adapted to fit most standard anesthetic gas machines. 

Complete Circle Breathing System for animals weighing 4.5 pounds to 175 pounds.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple.  Effective.  Easy.

  • Prevents hypothermia

  • Reduces pollution

  • Saves money

  • Fits most standard anesthetic gas machines


  • Small SWT Rebreathing Circuit - (12mm) - for patients up to 45 pounds (#8349)

  • Large SWT Rebreathing Circuit - (16mm) - for patients over 45 pounds (#8350)

  • Pressure manometer

  • Small soda lime canister - 200ml capacity - for smaller patients

  • Large soda lime canister - 800ml capacity - for larger patients

  • Darvall Stingray Swing Arm Mounting kit


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