Cozy Warm Air Heater


The Darvall Cozy Warm Air Heater warms patients before, during, and after anesthesia.  The air flow promotes even distribution of warm air throughout the blanket and onto the patient helping to improve patient outcomes and reduce the incidence of hypothermia. 

Product Benefits: 

Reduces anesthesia recovery time

Delivers consistent and even patient warming

Enough power to warm two blankets at once

Safe for surgery

Hose-end temperature sensor for safety

Simple display and user interface

Lightweight, compact, mobile & stable

Easy maintenance

3 fixed temperature settings

1 yr warranty



  • Additional easy-to-replace Cozy Warm Air Heater Filter #9704  (replace after 500 hours of use)
  • Vinyl covered delivery hose #9702
  • Hose Clamp #9742 secures to surgery table
  • 4 dual wheels elevate heater above floor dust & hair #9745
  • Built-in cage hangers
  • Built-in rear-mounted IV Pole Clamp



Weight:  10 lbs

Dimensions:  11"H x 8.6"W x 8.7"L (13.5"H with wheels installed), Power cord 16 ft. length

See additional Cozy Warm Air Heater Specifications and Parameters here





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