Darvall Heated Smooth Wall Tubing Rebreathing Circuit - 16mm - for patients > 45 pounds

SWT Heated Circuits Features & Benefits:

  • Heating wires wound through inspiratory hose

  • Temperature of delivered gases measured at Y-piece & displayed

  • Hypothermia risk reduced, particularly in smaller animals

  • Can be used heated or non-heated

  • Requires the Darvall Heat Control Unit (#8516) for heated use (sold separately)

Heated Circuits - Reduces Hypothermia, particularly for smaller animals.

Available to the US Market, the first HEATED, temperature-controlled breathing circuit of its kind.  This new heated inflow hose was developed by veterinarians to address the problems of hypothermia in anesthetized veterinary patients.  Our breathing circuits can be used for all veterinary rebreathing anesthesia, with particular advantage for small animals.

Darvall Smooth Wall Tubing (SWT) Circuits  use low resistance, low volume, small diameter tubes. 

This new concept in circuit design offers HUGE efficiency advantages for the patient as well as for your practice.

Features & Benefits:

  • Smooth Wall Tubing Circuits reduce circuit resistance
  • Lower resistance means they can be used for smaller patients
  • Smaller diameter tubing reduces gas volume by up to 75%
  • Reduced circuit volume improves system response to changed anesthetic settings
  • SWT Circuits are kink-resistant
  • Easier to clean than the standard corrugated tubing breathing circuits
  • Dries Quickly and Completely
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