Darvall Heated ZDS Qube Starter Set

The Darvall Heated ZDS Qube Starter set includes

  • Darvall Heat Controller (#8516)

  • Darvall Heated ZDS Qube Anesthesia System (#8270)

  • Cable HBC to Qube (#8619)

  • Temperature Probe - 2.5mm OD (#8618)

  • Your choice of one of the following ZDS Qube Mask Sets

    • ZDS Face Mask Set - three masks - for rodents and other pocket pets (#8407)
    • ZDS Face Mask Set - three masks - for small animals, birds and exotics (#8406)

The Darvall HEATED ZDS Qube  warms patients from within.  Our totally new warming technology features a heat controller with a microprocessor and temperature sensors.  Together they warm the patient's inspired air to between 98ºF and 103ºF.

  • Prevents hypothermia in rodents and other pocket pets

  • Warms from the start of anesthesia

  • Controlled heating: 98ºF - 103ºF

  • Continuously monitors patient's temperature

  • Safe: closed-loop feedback

  • Eliminates waste gas pollution

  • Increases efficiency

  • Reduces morbidity / mortality

  • Maintains predictable anesthesia

Features & Benefits:

  • Warms From Within!

  • Captures control of  patient's body temperature from induction

  • Increase your precision by adding  an optional esophageal / rectal temperature probe

  • Lo-flo Zero Dead Space (ZDS) design - enhances response to changes in anesthesia, fast & predictable anesthesia, and efficient gas flow

  • Sealed mask system – save money with up to 80% decrease in anesthetic and oxygen consumption and reduced waste gas volume

  • Solid, heavy cube design – secure and stable for improved patient positioning

  • Operates as Heated or Non-Heated

  • Complete range of masks and diaphragms available – accommodates rodents, kittens, and most pocket pets

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