Darvall Heated Smooth Wall Rebreathing Circuit - Starter Set

Now preventing hypothermia is as simple as using a better breathing circuit. The first HEATED, temperature-controlled breathing circuit of its kind.  This new heated inflow hose was developed by veterinarians to address the problems of hypothermia in anesthetized veterinary patients.  Our heated breathing circuits can be used with all standard anesthesia gas machines.

  • Darvall Heated Circuit Starter Set includes:

    • Darvall Heat Controller (#8516)
    • 16mm Darvall Heated Smooth Wall Circuit (#8348) for animals >65lbs
    • 12mm Darvall Heated Smooth Wall Circuit (#8347) for animals up to 65lbs

 Heated Smooth Wall Circuits Features & Benefits:

  • Fits all standard gas machines

  • Temperature of delivered gases measured at Y-piece & displayed

  • Automatic temperature cut-off for safety

  • Hypothermia risk reduced, particularly in smaller animals

  • Can be used heated or non- heated

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